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Which Second Hand Parts?

Sometimes we get calls from customers looking for second hand spare parts,  which they are not likely to be able to source anywhere. Acrylic shelves in fridges are  damaged very easily,  and they are difficult to store, so usually, if we are able to take any spare parts out of machines they will be the ones which haven’t already broken.  Parts which are easily broken are less likely to be available second hand. Dishwasher baskets on the other hand, dryer doors, timers, pumps, and a wide range of other second hand parts, we will often have.

The Rain in Spain falls mainly on the Plain…but in Brisbane it falls on our clothes in our backyards so we need dryers…

We have a good range of second hand dryers available for purchase in store now to take care of your drying needs, in a range of sizes.

If you are replacing a dryer more than 12 months old, remember all new dryers on the market will require new wall mounts if you are planning on placing it on a laundry wall. We may be able to help out with a second hand dryer which will fit your current wall mounts. We will need the make of your current dryer, and if possible, the model.

Give us a call or come and see us at 108 Nudgee Rd Hamilton. (parking is in Lancaster Road)

Service call fee – to be or not to be

Sometimes we are asked why we charge a service call out fee to attend our customers’ properties and to diagnose the fault with their machines. After all, there are some appliance service businesses who will tell you they don’t change a service call out fee; they only charge for work done and parts. Its worth bearing in mind that they have to cover their costs to get out to you and inspect. They will get that by adding it as a hidden cost. For example, washing machine not spinning? This may be as simple as a blocked pump, but you may end up paying for a new pump instead of just having it unblocked.

We don’t operate that way.  In order to diagnose the fault with your washing machine, dishwasher, fridge, freezer, cooktop, stove, dryer or oven, we will probably have to inspect the unit. We will charge a service call out fee and once inspected, let you know how much a repair should cost. And if we have to return with the correct part for the job, it will cost you no more than if we are carrying the part on board the truck; its all part of the same job. But you can expect an honest appraisal over the phone if it sounds like your appliance is too far gone for repair. We like our reputation for honesty in this business, and want to keep it that way.

Remember you can sometimes avoid a service call out fee. Have a look at our article on this website  about dropping your appliance into our workshop for inspection.

Second Hand appliances – Get ’em HERE

We have plenty of good quality second hand dryers. Get one now before storm season begins
We have second hand dishwashers in stainless and white.
We have second hand dishwashers in stainless and white.

Buying second hand appliances on the internet can be a great way to acquire your fridge, washer, dryer, stove or dishwasher. However, what guarantee do you have that the electric, usually electronic appliance will even work once you plug it in at home? Our second hand goods come with warranties of 30-90 days, and have been repaired by or serviced by the best. Visit us at our showroom at 108 Nudgee Rd or give us a call for more information.

Give your bearings a chance to get their bearings!

Talking about overloading washing machines recently with our workshop technician, he said he would probably add to the ‘Do Not Overload’ commandment the ‘Don’t do too many washes in a row without giving the machine a rest’ commandment. Its not an established link, but he says it makes sense to give your bearings a chance to cool down after a couple of washes at least for a little while if you can.

If you are having problems with your washer, whether it be a front loader, a top loader, a Simpson or a Bosch, give us a call, for one of our technicians to inspect it and provide some honest advice about the state of your machine and how it should be fixed.

The Kink

Its surprising how often our technicians are called out to a dishwasher or washer with issues filling, only to find on installation the owner has kinked the hose.

If self installing your appliance, make sure the hose is free to fill the machine, is not pressed too firmly against the wall and the hose has not kinked.

Bear in mind the drain hose should also be free to empty the machine as well, and if it does  not, you may be stressing the pump. If that continues, you may be up for a new pump.

To ensure your appliance is correctly installed, you can contact us on 36301611 and arrange for an experienced technician to come and install it for you.

Washing machine spare parts


Washing machines and dryers are appliances we service day in and day out, and consequently we have access to a large amount of second hand spare parts, particularly for older models. If your machine needs a non electronic part, such as a door or a hinge, try us to see if we can help out.

For new parts,  such as a belt or a control board, try us for price. We have a large number of reputable suppliers, and rather than risk your dollars on a faceless website, we may have it in stock or if not, we will get it in for you.

Please be aware that it is unlawful to fit electrical parts if you are not a licensed electrician.


Spare parts for ovens, stoves and cooktops

If the seal is coming away on your oven door,  chances are you will need to find a new seal. If your fan element is not heating, or your stovetop hotplate only stays on high, and you have someone with electrical qualifications to install the parts, call us up or access our eBay shop.  If you have an Omega, Simpson, Fisher & Paykel, Westinghouse, Kleenmaid, Westinghouse, Chef,  AEG, Whirlpool Blanco, Neff, Smeg, Bosch, Euromaid, or De Longhi cooktop, stove or oven, with a problem, give us a call. If we don’t have it in stock we can access it from our reputable suppliers , in double quick time.


But always remember electrical parts  must be fitted by a licensed electrician

Did your dryer just stop for no obvious reason?

If your dryer has suddenly stopped , but is still showing lights on, it may be that it has just overheated, and has gone into a safe mode to protect against further damage. First you should check why it has done this:  Have you left the filter too long before cleaning? This is something we see all too often, and if the dryer has stopped, it is because it is a fire hazard. Clean the filter, allow it to cool down and if there is a reset switch, press that and start again. Another issue you can resolve yourself, is emptying some of the damp clothes out. If it has been overloaded, the dryer will be working too hard, overheating the motor, and trying to protect against damage. Once again, allow to cool, press the reset switch if you have one, and start again.

How much room is there for the moist air to move away from the dryer? If the dryer is against the wall and vented at the back, there may not be sufficient room for the warm air to move away from the vent. If that is the case, try pulling  the dryer away from the wall, or if mounted, adding a spacer behind to clear it from the wall, or make sure the room is well ventilated.  Its also worth checking the vent for blockages. The vent needs a clean out periodically; a quick vacuuming will do the trick about once every 12 months.

If you have tried these steps and are still experiencing problems, give us a call. Our highly experienced technicians can come to you, or you can bring the dryer to our workshop for inspection. Talk to us about how to save using this option on 07 36301611.

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