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Handy oven and cooktop hints from Chef

For easier cleaning, spill-overs should be removed as quickly as possible – this is especially the case with ceramic cooking surfaces.

Make sure the bottom of saucepans etc. is dry before leaving on ceramic surface.

Try to size-match the diameter of the cooking utensil with the cooking zone.

If you can’t see a bottom element in your oven, you must avoid using any covering on (or cooking on) the oven floor as the liner will be damaged.

When using “Fan Bake” in multifunction cookers, pre-heat the oven to 30°C higher than the recipe calls for, then turn down before loading. Remember, fan baking will cook at 20-30°C lower than conventional cooking temperatures.

Avoid spraying caustic oven cleaners on fan blades, racks and shelves.

If your cooker is fitted with a 24 hour digital clock, add 1200 to any setting after midday i.e. 3pm becomes 1500 hours.