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Handy oven and cooktop hints from Chef

For easier cleaning, spill-overs should be removed as quickly as possible – this is especially the case with ceramic cooking surfaces.

Make sure the bottom of saucepans etc. is dry before leaving on ceramic surface.

Try to size-match the diameter of the cooking utensil with the cooking zone.

If you can’t see a bottom element in your oven, you must avoid using any covering on (or cooking on) the oven floor as the liner will be damaged.

When using “Fan Bake” in multifunction cookers, pre-heat the oven to 30°C higher than the recipe calls for, then turn down before loading. Remember, fan baking will cook at 20-30°C lower than conventional cooking temperatures.

Avoid spraying caustic oven cleaners on fan blades, racks and shelves.

If your cooker is fitted with a 24 hour digital clock, add 1200 to any setting after midday i.e. 3pm becomes 1500 hours.

its time to remember the hardest working member of our household. our fridge

Try to limit the number of times and the actual amount of time the fridge is open. Although fridges have advanced in some ways, when you open the fridge or freezer door, it feels …lovely and cool. So all that nice food cooling air inside is now in the kitchen, and a whole lot of warm air just filled up the fridge. That’s no good for the food inside which is supposed to be cold. And its no good for the fan which is conducting the cold air from the freezer, and its no good for the compressor which is the heart and soul of your fridge; it has to keep powering up and starting again. If these components have to keep powering up over and over, it shortens their lives. You’ll need a new fan if the fan goes… but you’ll need a new fridge if the compressor fails.

And by the way, if a fly flies OUT of your fridge .. its too warm in there

Could not find a banana for size comparison so here is a fly.